If you are looking to sell your home then it likely that you will want to do everything which you possibly can to improve the appearance and appeal of your property. And while most homeowners focus on interior repairs and enhancements, it’s important to remember that many buyers make up their mind before they even step foot inside your home simply judging it by the exterior.


With this in your mind, below are three easy ways which you can improve the exterior of your home to improve its appeal and increase the chance of a sale.


Make the Most of Your Garden

If your garden has seen better days then now is the time to show it some attention. While you don’t need to give it a complete overhaul, there are some easy steps you can take to improve its visual:


Give your front yard a thorough clean and remove any weeds or overgrown plants or shrubs

Treat your lawn with pellets or grains to improve its color and how healthy it looks

Create a small vegetable patch or place bright flowers around the border of your yard.


A nice additional tip. When it comes time for your open house, head to the Groupon Coupons page for 1800 Flowers and pick up a bunch of flowers to place inside which match those you planted outside. This will help to give your property a homely and connected feel.


Sand It Back and Stain It!

Not only is old and peeling wood a visual turn off, it can also be quite dangerous for children. This can be an immediate turnoff for buyers who are looking to start a family. Of course, it is also the perfect starting point to reduce the asking price.


Take some time of the weekend to sand down any wooden areas outside your home, such as any balconies, patios, or even stairs. Once you have them all cleaned, give them a good stain and bring them back to life again. While it won’t take you long, the attention to detail can tell potential buyers that you maintain the property well.


How are Your Roof and Guttering?

If you arrived at an open house and saw nothing but debris and leaves covering the roof, would you want to buy it? Better still, if you did want to buy it, would you accept the asking price? The answer is obviously no.


To prevent turning off buyers before they even get out of their car, safely reach your roof and clear it of any debris. If possible, also give it a thorough wash and rinse to remove any stains. While you are there, be sure to clear out your gutters and give them a solid flush with the hose to ensure there aren’t any hidden blockages. Keep the water running until you can see it flowing freely from the downpipe.


These are three great tips to help you improve the appearance and appeal of your home before preparing to sell it, and don’t require much money or time to be spent.

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